Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mama Moonshine

Art Therapist & Jewelry Designer Jess Feury 
with baby Zephyr and Moonshine
 at home in Berkeley, CA

Who's style do you most admire or have been inspired by?
Past? Present?

I'm inspired by rad woman doin it. Making things, growing things, raising beautiful children, and making a mark on this world. I can't really say that I am admire one style the most since I am a bit of an eclectic myself. I am drawn to textiles mostly...for their tactile nature, the vegetable dyes lovingly applied by knowing hands, embroidery artfully done by village women, the integration of floral and geometric motifs. I have always been inspired more by categories of things rather than specific artists or people. These include vintage clothing and artifacts, new things just don't come with stories attached. I like stories. Gardening is another. I love flowers and this aesthetic is deeply rooted in my home and floral motifs as well as my drawings. I love rocks....all sorts of em, but mainly crystals. 

What were you like when you were a kid?

I had a rock collection as a child and was especially drawn to anything with a bit of metallic sparkle. This early adoration led to a present day affinity for beadwork. I remember being very inspired as a child by my mother's best friend. She identified strongly with her native american roots and took me along to her gatherings and moon ceremonies. As a child, I was mystified with the crystals worn in the rituals, the beadwork pouches with healing stones within that she would place on my head when i complained of a tummy ached, the 94 year old Cherokee Chief who lived in her basement who was blind yet an impeccable tribal beadworker. These experiences touched me on a spiritual and aesthetically-minded level as well. I surround my space with pieces that feel good energetically and in turn, look pleasing to me.

What is the your aesthetic?

 I would say my aesthetic an integration of art deco and ethnic sensibilities. In general, I don't take my aesthetic that seriously, I like what I like, and it all looks alike. As far as my jewelry design and drawings, they too, are inspired by textiles and artifacts dreamed of from far away lands. These are the things I dream of....waking up amidst the morning sun rising around me as I discover that incredible woven gem at a Moroccan flea market.

What is your spirit animal?

I really dig that April wants to know what my spirit animal would be. Though during a shamanic journey led by a close coworker where I work for hospice, I tried as hard as I could to conjure up a phoenix. I mean, they are cool as shit. They can rise from the dead. But during this period of my life, hummingbirds were all around me. In my garden, in my dreams, intensely. I was pregnant at the time and having a really rough time of it at the end. Those metallic magenta and teal-feathered souls got me through many afternoons. So looked them up, their symbolism, that is....they are messengers of joy. Very fitting since my baby boy Zephyr was born during the prevalence of these mystical creatures in my life.

Jess' jewels can be found at

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  1. So So beautiful, what an inspiring space!

  2. WOW. this is like my dream home. if you could please do me a massive favour and ask Mama Moonshine the name for the grey paint she used in her hallway i would be eternally grateful :)